We're all gamers at heart, so welcome to the Valhalla of self hosted gaming. You name it, we have it. Unless we don't. We're gamers, not wizards.


Too many games, not enough time to play them? Don't worry, we're also slowly sinking into the existential tar pit that is realizing the things you once loved to do fit less and less into your adult life even though they are the very things that hold back the tide of weapons grade ennui that threatens to consume your every waking moment in a boiling pot that will eventually one day bubble over into an anomic explosion of grief, pain, and depression. So that's why we made it easy to keep track of your backlog, check out NewGamePlus today!

Terraforming Mars

I don't want to live on this planet anymore. -Prof. Farnsworth


Remember playing Minecraft in high school? Or that one month on PS4? Or that one Bedrock server we used for a month?

Me neither, but join us in Java Edition at: mc.flamwenco.com

Modded Minecraft

Decker was kind enough to set this up for us, so if no mods work on it, please direct all complaints to him.

You can join us at mc.flamwenco.com. Yeah, weird, I know.

Games In Progress