It turns out Technical Incompetence's amazingness is just too great for this lame internet - we need a new one to maximize our full potential. Welcome to the Technical Incompetence internet. Population - US.


Stay in touch with your friends, family, and people you've never even met with Technical Incompetence's amazing chat service. Experience the joy's of late-1990s AIM all over again.


What would Technical Incompetence be without the ability to give up ownership of all your data and store it on our servers. Don't worry though, our servers will probably never crash or lose data so all you care about is safe with us.


Upset that Microsoft bought Github? Well look no further than Technical Incompetence's git server! Our Gitea instance will lovingly cradle all your "Made with <3 from my mother's basement" half finished personal projects.


Angry about the StReAmInG WaRs? Well our Jellyfin instance has you covered. Listen to all your embarassing weeb music, or watch your barely-not-porn weeb shows and movies. We're not judging you.


RSS is a dying technology, but that doesn't mean it's a useless technology! Experience the best (or the worst) of what the internet has to offer. Hand craft your own feeds, and if the internet still sucks? You have only yourself to blame.


Have you ever felt self conscious about the links you send to people? We feel you. That's why we're proud to introduce our brand new link shortening service! For all those rickrolls you're still sending in current year.


We did it, we finally got a wiki. All of our history is held here, both recorded and not recorded history, the travels of the drewniverse, and a full explanation of the drewian calendar.